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Le CPD Conference

Assalamualaikum dearies.. ^^

Well, I had a conference just now, a CPD conference, and what in the world is CPD? It is kinda point things lke merit or demerit something like that, where you need to attend conferences, talks and sort of that and you get point, so that you could sustain your title. All the professional boards got this stuff like Surveyor (Sr) for example, hehe. Why Sr as an example? Because I’ll be one, wakakkaa.

So guess what? I met some of the most influential and richest people today, 4 of them actually. Opkos la kena sebut semua, aku bukan main fokus kot kat dalam coference room tadi, kat depaaaaaaaaan sekali, tepi Dato’ Dato’ sume tuh, silalah jeles.

2nd speaker, 3rd speaker, Dr Sr Fadhlin, 1st speaker, the 4th speaker
Gambar curik dari Yvonne Ng 馨平 , hehe.

The first speaker is, Sr. Hj Nik Zainal Alam bin Hassan, from the JKR. & he gave a speech on the Delays In Construction Project. Mungkin la sebab die neh dari JKR, most of the cases that he presented were on the government projects. Ala, memang la, Dr. Sarajul pernah cakap, kalau klien sesebuah project tuh adalah government, maka banyaklah masalah yang akan timbul lepas issuance of Certificate of Practical Completence (CPC) sebab the client just let go any defect that are supposed to be make good by the contractor.

Then the second speaker, Dato’ Dr. Sr. Kamarul Rashdan bin Salleh, the Managing Director of SPNB, ehey muda lagi kot die neh, comel comel cenggitu, haha. Around 35 kot umur die, rambut pon fuhhh ade jambul tajam cenggitu, hehe maap maap maap. & he talked about PFI & once again I was like, what the heck is this? Rupanye, Public Finance Initiative. Bagi aku, personally la, die lebeh kurang macam turn key project jugak, sebab government bagi project tuh kat orang lain untuk disiapkan tapi bezanya sangat ketara dong (so where’s the similar part). Turn key project jadik bila goverment takderk duit then they ask the contractor to build it first & after the completion, baru government bayar the cost of the project. But for the PFI, governement wants value for money &  spend the money to private sector (lebih kurang macam labur la) then the private sector take the risk for the project. Jadik, investment tuh bukan untuk dapatkan pulangan capital but more on the value for money where you got more than what you invest.

The 3rd speaker,Prof. Dr. Sr. Wan Maimun Wan Abdullah (one of the richest) talked on lesson learnt. Dr Maimon neh Prof Pelawat UTM, & I met her on my first year here & I met her again today after a year & she hasn’t changed a bit. Mantain cantek hehe.& she told us a story about King Arthur and others, where the question is,

“What women want the most in their life?”

King Arthur went all over his kingdom to find the answer but no one seems to know the answer, even the ladies. But after that he met an old witch and the witch said that if and only if he wants an answer, he must let her marry Lord A ( which I forgot the name, hee sorry) and King Arthur said yes, what a big deal, bukan kawen dengan die pon, camtuh la kot King Arthur tuh pk 

Then the witch answers,

“To take control of her life.”

& that makes the witch to be married with Lord A. Kesian Lord A, tak pasal pasal kena kawen dengan ahli sihir tua, isy isy isy. Tapi disebabkan Lord A neh sangat gentleman, he still went to bed, to pay his husband's duties, uuuuuuuuuuu gentleman kan? Ade ke lelaki nak tunaikan kewajipan lagi kalau kena paksa kawen dengan pompuan yang tak cantek?? Haremmm. But then Bila Lord A masuk bilik tuh, takde pon ahli sihir tuh. Yang ade adalah pompuan cantek, hamaigad. Haha. Then pompuan tuh tanya, pilihlah salah satu. Sama ada nak die cantik waktu malam je tapi siang buruk ke atau nak cantik siang je tapi malam buruk balik? Tapi Lord A neh dah belajar dari kesilapan & he said,

"You choose my dear, take control of your life."

Then the witch, sangat gembira & die jadi cantik untuk siang dan malam..Auwwww, sweet~`

& she did said lotsa interesting stuff like to be like a sponge, absorb everything, want to know everything and jot down everything & that has made her successful. Uuuuu. Speechless terus! Haha. & surprisingly, aku pon baru sedar 1 interesting fact, which is,

“Even a mistake is an experience.”

Satu lagi ayat die yang best,

“Mistakes are repeated because one does not take the opportunity to learn from that mistake.”

And the last speaker, Sr. Eddy Wong, the chairman of the Royal Institution of Surveyor Malaysia (RISM), even the button on his blazer ade lambang RISM tuh, uuuuuu speechless lagi. Aku rasa die layang paling berpengalaman, based on his hair, hehehe. Maap maap maap. But he has his humorous side, bila die greet sume VIP kat depan tuh, die cakp,

“All Drs, but I can’t find nurses here.”

Haha, aku tak paham pon mula mula, lepas beberapa saat baru paham, haha, lawak sungguh.

What a day. Aku mula mula hentak henttak kaki ke dinding sampai buat rotation 360 darjah ke siling kot taknak pergi conference neh, sebab aku sensorang je. -_____________- sunyi kot. But then aku pergi jugak sebab Allah dah kata Khun Fayakhun, hehehe. It was fascinating. Haha, is that the right word? & the MC for today, Puan Tantish, she was hillarious and young-minded, ehey tuannye pon still muda, cantek lagi. Boleh bersembang dengan aku pasal mekap bagai lagi. Hah, lecturer korang hado ke? Takdonyo pon, haha evil laugh. & she kept mentioning about my baby blog, auwwww :”) maluuuuuu. Well, walaupon la aku bukan blogger of the year or blogger femes emes macam Hanis Zalikha ke, Yuyu Zulaikha ke, Fatin Liyana ke, aku tetap blogger kesayangan Puan Tantish, heeee J

Owh I feel so ready to grad and to go out to the work arena.Yeah baby, bring it on! Haha.

Till then,

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