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It's Even Harder Saying Goodbye.

Assalamualaikum :)

Hi. Hello. Anneyoeonghaseyo~

From the previous entry I've promised to write about my new job, right? As I'm feeling kinda free now, I decided to write about it, yeayyyy.

After some time of feeling unappreciated, I made a determined move, to look for a better job. Yeap, I might not meet new people as great as my previous co-workers like Tay, Jirah, Paten but I don't feel like dedicated to my work anymore.

Sometimes I got carried by emotions when I've to go to meeting or valuation alone, riding motorcyle, in the rain, surrounded by dust on the highways. Not only once, but several times that I went back drenched from the rain. & how the dust stuck to my face. What makes me even sadder, no one ever asked how I feel. Or even feel sorry looking at my condition. & when I asked someone to accompany me as it's been raining non stop, how some people didn't permit that. I do feel unappreciated. & when I see other people had someone to accompany them, as well as they went cars. Did you all ever feel what I feel? I guess I'm just being too spoiled for being touched for such "small matters".

Even after I do something like that, my token of appreciation is even lower than someone who only works in the office, without being drenched in the rain, without having dust stuck on their face. After that, I've made a decision. That I must take my leave. 

At first I decided to go to a Developer company, in JB, but I got a better offer after that, hence I accepted the second offer. 

Did anybody persuaded me to stay? Yeap, there was. My dearest, Ms Tay, Jirah, Paten. It breaks my heart, even when I think about it now how I can't be with them anymore. I do love them, we share almost everything together, & I do miss how we hang out together, how we joke about each other, how we laugh with each other.

Not to forget Didi, who I spent 4 years (almost) sharing bed, sharing stories, how I miss disturbing her, calling names to her. Lili, Syu, Yaya as well. I do feel extremely sad that I have to leave them, it even worse when Syu said,

"Suzie, kalau orang kat sana jahat, datangla sini balik"

I burst into tears that I've been holding on.

Till the last day of my employment there, I still feel the same emotion, feeling unappreciated when I didn't get my token of appreciation. & still, there's people that ACTING good wishing me farewell. Don't. Just don't. God forgot to give you a good heart, is it? 

Let's just stop till there for my former company. 

I am now, working for a Contractor's firm. Should I say the name? It's Bluebros E& C Sdn Bhd. & I no longer a project executive, I've become a Site Quantity Surveyor, or site QS for short. Frankly speaking, I love my previous role as a consultant, where I get to attends meeting, handling cost and contractual matters. Yeap, I like doing contractual matters. I've been good doing that since degree years.

The people here are good, but not to my liking much, maybe because they are older, & I'm just 23 with a 10 months working experience. At time like this, I really miss Didi, Tay, Jirah, Paten, Lili, Syu, Yaya. 

I don't know is it me, or working with contractor feel a bit more relaxing? Or maybe the work is still on the piling stage.Haha. It pays better too. Went back early & still got paid THAT much. It even allows OT. I even given with a place to stay, fully furnished, even a new laptop, & all that I can ask for. 

Eh lupa pulak, ihik. Since I was offered with Site QS position, I'm required to be at site. To be precise, construction site. Well, the second best part (after the salary), my site is situated in Genting Highlands, yeayyy. Yeap, we're doing the new Themepark for Genting Highlands. Kinda proud of that actually since it is a world class project :p

Company jacket, since it can be kinda cold here. 

View from my desk in the site cabin when the weather is bad.

The sky are so clear here, so amazingly superb.

& for now, we've finished the Petron. Still got Genting Mall adn Helipad to go.

& neh dah boleh kira gambar rare sebab gua dah tak mekap sejak jadik site QS neh -_-

Thanks for reading this entry!

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