Sabtu, 6 Oktober 2012

Xpax Whatchuwant MTV Pimp My Ride


Hey uollz, tau tak pasal Xpax Whatchuwant Campaign neh? Aha. Bagi sesiapa yang tak tau, meh sini den nak kobar eh :p

Xpax has been giving out amazing gadgets everyday worth RM10,000 for their Whatchuwant campaign! *gasps* RM10,000 per day?! Yes, PER DAY! And the prizes are super awesome as well like the Samsung 40” Full HD LED TV, the Pioneer Blu-Ray Front Surround System, Samsung Galaxy SIII, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0” and Nikon Coolpix Waterproof AW100! All these exclusively for Xpax members!

Hah nampak? Eden copy paste je ha, tapi memang sangat bombastic la hadiah hadiahnya pun kan adoi, sampai takleh tido malam neh kalau macam neh sekali hadiahnya!

So acano nak menang neh hah?

It’s all very jaw dropping but how do you join? It’s actually really easy because all you have to do is just DIAL *128# to pick any of the Whatchuwant packs customized for your needs and stand a chance to win these awesome gadgets daily. Simple as that, forget hunting down the perfect man or woman, this is so much easier and much more fun!

Nak tau lebih lanjut, Click Here :)

Annnnnnnndd kalau korang sangat sukakan KERETA, silalah rajinkan diri untuk baca neh :p

Now, if you think the gadgets are already awesome, you’re going to love this even more!Whatchuwant is giving away a once in a lifetime opportunity to Xpax members to have their ride pimped with MTV Pimp My Ride on special SURPRISE DAYS! Meaning, on these surprise days, instead of the gadgets worth RM10,000 when you pick any of the Whatchuwant pack, you’ll stand a chance to give your ride a complete makeover. PLUS, the winners will be featured on the first ever MTV Pimp My Ride show in Asia!

For the time being, I've not owned any ride, except for what belongs to my sister :p

The Proton Persona 1.6
Annnnnnnnd if I could  have anything in my ride, I would choose something like this :p

1. A place to put the make up stuff & clothes & shoes
2. A new color for the car, as the car has a quite serious 'injury' sebab kena langgar dengan orang yang tak diketahui masa parking & orang tersebut dengan baik hatinya meletakkan kembali lampu belakang yang pecah tadi atas kereta & pergi begitu sahaja.

With such interior :p

For the new paint for the car, I want it to be this color,

With the similar bumper & body kit :p

With the door to be open upward like Lamborghini Gallado :p
Annnnnnndd tuh jela!

Till then, dadaa!

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awak memang comel vogue the vass sebab sudi komen entry kitee, muach! <3


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