Rabu, 5 September 2012

My Fashion and Beauty Inspiration


This will be an entry for me to join the Nuffnang FashionFabulous, weeee!

Wellwho inspires you in your daily choices in fashion and beauty?

Nowadays my fashion statement is inspired by the scarflets style such as Shea Rasol, AdrianiNurul CakapCakapFatin Liyana & as well as Jules

Credit to Jules
Credit to Fatin Liyana

Credit to Nurul CakapCakap
Credit to Adriani
Credit to Shea Rasol
I do read mags such as Cleo & Cosmopolitan but I prefer these bloggers style as it is more to a practical yet chic as well. I need to look glamorous too for everyday style :p 

So when people ask how did I manage to grab such style, I'll be glad to answer from the other bloggers, as in the list above :))

Fascinating right? I feel the same too :)

Till then, dadaa!

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  1. samalah...selalu refer diorang jugak untuk tips fashion ni... =)


awak memang comel vogue the vass sebab sudi komen entry kitee, muach! <3


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